Let's change gyms together!

We, at Gymetryx, have set out to change how gyms engage with their members and developed a working prototype and an initial app.

Currently, we are raising funds to start working on the MPV and get ready for the initial market launch in the US.

We want to hear from you if you are:

  • an investor that sees how much potential we have and is ready to join the ride
  • a gym owner interested in becoming one of our first design partners
  • a trainer, sports or physical therapy expert that can contribute to our product development
  • a sports enthusiast that is happy to cheer for us

We are ready to change the gym experience NOW! Don't miss the opportunity


Digital transformation via AI-based IoT technology


Transform any strength or cardio training to digital

  • Patented sensory approach
  • Portable, lightweight
  • Bluetooth communication
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Rechargeable batteries, USB charging
  • Rotating sensor head, adjustable to diverse machines
  • Case mounted magnet for immediate and
    effortless installation


Connect members to machines, gyms, trainers and brands to create a better gym and workout experience

  • AI-based algorithm for advanced analysis
  • Cloud web database storage
  • Supports all weight machine workout programs
  • Full workout analysis and documentation
  • For effective, correct training
  • For enhanced reimbursement possibilities
  • Easy to use graphic interface
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Clear progress display
  • Personalized training protocols

Our system is designed for affordable, engaging training monitoring

  Smartphone App holding personal workout protocols

  Workout analysis, recording, and tailoring the next workout

  Smart POD, converting any strength training machine to AI-based IoT machine, easily attached to any machine, any type, any firm, any year

Cloud data base, holding all workouts for AI algorithms and further processing



Founder CTO

Yisrael Mendel

Computers engineer, with over 30 years of real time systems hands-on development and embedded SW experience at companies such as Rafael, Elbit, Given Imaging, Oplus

Benzi Segev

Over 20 years of extensive sales, strategy and management experience in KYC and SaaS companies such as D&B, Consist Systems, IVC