Change gym as we know it together!

We, at Gymetryx, have set out to change how gyms engage with their members and developed a working prototype and an initial app.

Currently, we are raising funds to start working on the MPV and get ready for the initial market launch in the US.

We want to hear from you if you are:

  • an investor that sees how much potential we have and is ready to join the ride
  • a gym owner interested in becoming one of our first design partners
  • a trainer, sports or physical therapy expert that can contribute to our product development
  • a sports enthusiast that is happy to cheer for us

We are ready to change the gym NOW! Don't miss the opportunity

Booth Camp DISSCOUNT $49/visit

Finally, comes the core strength training which is extremely effective.

Gym Trainer $30/visit

Getting perfect abs in less than six weeks of.

Step Cardio Class Free Enterance

Performing crunches works best on the upper cardio abs and legs.

Beginner Basic $80/month

We specialize in unique programs for both men and women of all ages

Basic+ Classes $120

Sizes, shapes and fitness levels. No matter what your fitness goals might

Tune-Up PER MONTH $144

Be, we can help achieve it by designing your own unique fitness programs

Cardio Comfort $136

Getting ripped fast would require three standard sized meals

Wellness $150

Our certified and skilled personal trainers can provide you with the best advice

Group Training POPULAR $59/person

Highest quality of exercise machines, group exercise classes, personal training

Personal Training $34

The trainers understand that in today’s hectic schedule, our members

Gym Membership POPULAR $123

GymPress offers a large selection of strength training equipment

Sauna $5/visit

Our affordable membership fees are one of them

GymPress Fitness prices vary from packgae to pricing

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